Friday, September 19, 2008

I blame for this

So this morning I woke up at 8am, showered, shaved my legs, put on make up and drove 22 miles both ways to go to a job interview that turned out to be FRAUDULENT.

I haven't had a whole lot of free time lately, but when I can I spend as much time as possible sending my resume all over town. I swear I've sent an email out to every business, shop, corporation and agency in town - short of oil companies, that is. I know you may be surprised to find out, but I do have morals! And since Houston is an oil town I am severely limiting my options, but I'd rather be poor than supporting environment killers. How could I take that blood money, anyway? All I could see when I put on a new pair of shoes would be a sad, baby seal face splotched in oil looking up at me.

But I digress.

I arrived this morning for my interview at five minutes before 10am. I put my name on the sign in sheet, and noticed that, what? 5 other people are also here at 10am to meet with the same person I have an appointment with. And then I thought, "Oh shit, probably not a good sign", but set to work filling out some preliminary paperwork anyway. After a short wait, I was called into an office where I was sat down face to face with the douchiest looking 19 year old child with bleach blond spiky hair and a smug smirk on his lips. He proceeds to tell me that the position I've driven 22 miles both ways to interview for has already been filled, but how do I feel about selling Kirby vacuums door to door?


It was then that I turned into a crazy woman. I could NOT believe that me, at the age of 25, was tricked into driving across the city and then had to sit in front of this smarmy little punk ass with a smirk on his face, being offered to sell the DEVIL'S VACUUMS door to fucking door! I stood, and told him he was wasting my time and I didn't appreciate being led into a false application process, and has he seen the price of gas these days? After threatening to report him to the BBB, I then proceeded to the reception room, where I clarified the situation for the rest of the poor souls, and stormed out of the office with a satisfying slam of the door. All of this was done with a shrill kind of screeching voice and a pointed finger. I'm not exactly sure what happened...I think I might have been possessed or something.

I do not want to sell vacuums. Or Mary Kay. Or be in a pyramid scheme. People, all I want is a normal 8-5 position where I do my job, and go home to my real life. Is that too damn much to ask?!!


turnip said...

I've been suckered a few times with these bogus ads. Selling china glassware, selling fake perfume knockoffs, selling amway, selling water purifiers. It's always some smarmy scumbag putting on a smile like they are doing you a favor. Thanks to Google, I can reserch companies now and ask questions before the interview. said...

Do you remember what was said in the ad?

When it comes to sales, it is always, always better to be up front and honest with people or businesses.

Athena said...

turnip - I totally should have googled them first and payed for it dearly. Also, selling fake perfume knockoffs must be the cant even sell the REAL thing, you have to sell the fake!

Paul - Yeah, the ad was very straightforward about it being an admin. position, even listed a few duties, etc. I agree about the sales, too. I know I appreciate it!

Chat Blanc said...

You GO GIRL!! btw, I soooooo feel your pain. I can't find a frickin' job for the life of me. And neither can some of my friends. Companies just don't realize what their missing not hiring you and me!

Ms. O. D. said...

i really hate that, i fell for one of those bait and switches too.

just read the consumeraffairs link. $2000 for a vacuum? wow that seems like a lot for a vacuum... read the horror stories posted by different people.

"A Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman was arrested and charged with financial exploitation of an elderly person, theft by deception, harassment through electronic communications, and violation of the Transient Merchant..."

ugh ugh ugh the economy, i hope the economy improves real soon.

Jennifer said...

Oh Snap! I hope all those people left right after you. Of course, they probably stayed. Probably thought you were just a crazy person and had to go in there and find out for themselves. And who the heck sells vacuums door to door? Apparently, my neighborhood can't afford it!

Monique said...

Girl you have amazing reserve because I think I would have absolutely lost my mind and then some. I would have been calling everyone including the local media to highlight their scheming asses. Gas prices are way too high for damn jokes.

Lux said...

Elaine here:

Gosh, I'm sorry - what an irritating experience that must've been. Best wishes with finding something just about perfect for you!

Kathy said...

Oh for crying out loud. How do they get away with that? Now I understand your comment on my blog :)

Hope you find something to your liking. I can almost guarantee something like this won't happen again. Just too weird!

Erin said...

Good on you for having a go at them! They definitely shouldn't be allowed to waste people's time like that

Mystery Man said...

yikes! remind me not to get on your bad side!

i couldn;t finda job in Hosuston when I was there, either. OPf course, I was only there for a couple weeks visiting, so I wasn't looking extremely hard.

Good luck finding something, though and kudos for not caving into working for the oil companies!

GorillaSushi said...

I got suckered once - I ended up in a room full of slackers for a "informational seminar" about selling subscriptions to some music club. It was right after CDs came out and there was a whole suitcase full of props that we would have to carry, including a cassette tape with all of the tape pulled out and tangled. 95% of the group split during intermission.

Heinous said...

You should have said you would gladly sell them and then just never show up. I did that once when I was a youngin' and got suckered into the "do you want to sell knives?" gig.

Athena said...

chat blanc - no kidding, don't they realize who they're potentially messing with?!!

OD - I know, all the reports out on these people are insane. Plus I just think door to door selling is creepy anyway.

Jennifer - I think most of the time people think I am just a crazy person, so it's cool ;)

Monique - lol I would have loved to see this post written by you! Except you would have actually had to have gone through it, and I definitely don't want that!

Elaine - thank you so, so much!

Kathy - haha, thanks :) I know, isn't it just slimy business policies? Yuck.

Erin - thank you!

Mystery man - ha, thanks! I've lived in this city for 25 years and I have never had this much trouble finding work! Its insane!

Jason - Oooh, a cassette with all its tape pulled out! Scary! ;) I think I vaguely remember those peeps that had to sell subscriptions...and I would have loved to see that suitcase full of props back then!

Heinous - Ugh, but then I would have had to sit there and listen to all the vacuum mumbo jumbo forever. Would've been nice to screw with them though ;)

The Hawg said...

You should have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. What a bunch of crap.

Keep your spirits up, however. The economy right now just sucks and jobs are few and far between. They're still out there, though, so patience ought to pay off.

Well, I keep telling myself that anyway. I hate my job with a white hot passion and I'm trying to find a new one.

Good luck...

Don said...

You ARE supporting those "bloodsucking" oil companies unless you ride a bike or a horse to pass out the resumes. Is that why you shave your legs?

Athena said...

Hawg - aw, thanks for the pep talk! :) Good luck on your respective search!

Don - Why would you have to shave your legs to ride a bike or a horse? And I guess I should have said, "support environment killers more than I have to. I might have to put gas in my car once every two weeks, but at least I'm not buying my every day household necessities with money they pay me with. said...

Wholley molley!

Hey, I've been in Mary Kay now since 1992. LOL ;) HOWEVER - I chose to do it, not led into it. Fer cryin' out loud!

I would have come completely unglued.

Folks are really having tough times finding work... :(

Athena said...

Zyriana - Oh no! lol, no offense about the Mary Kay! I know two people who sell it, and in fact I use their whole Timewise skincare line! Like you said, its all about the choices ;)

The Hypocritical One said...

That's terrible...Vacuums??

At least you haven't been approached to be in a multi-level marketing sham. I get a special kind of angry when this happens.

Condo Blues said...

Please tell me you reported them to the BBB. they really should be stopped. or slapped. or both.