Monday, June 23, 2008

Deli counter love

Yesterday I was standing in the deli line, 10 deep, beaming at the black forest ham (and probably looking like a maniac) and thinking to myself, "This is AWESOME!" No, I do not have a ham fetish, I was just relishing the FREEDOM FROM CHILDREN AND TIME (that sounds like the name of a really bad sci-fi novel).

Yesterday, JP went out of town to go to some convention in Orlando, the lucky bastard. And Callie went to go spend the night with her grandmother so they could go pick blueberries this morning. I know, wtf. But thats what grandmas do, I guess. When I'm a grandma, I'll be taking my grandkids to the liquor store, probably, but times are changing folks. Grandmas gotta have her manhattan!

Where were we? Oh yes, deli line. I'm looking at all these sullen people, pissed off that they have to wait 5 minutes to have their havarti cheese sliced and I couldnt be happier. Do you know how long its been since I stood in a deli line? Can you imagine standing there, cute little hand basket filled with organic stone ground wheat bread, pomme juice and ready made tortelinis, looking over to find a frazzled looking woman who had the audacity to shove her full sized shopping cart (filled with Kraft and teddy grahms!) into the line? Wrestling with a 3 year old who wont stop begging for a donut? I could do it, and mentally tell everyone to fuck off, but I care about the world and believe in karma, so I refrain.

So while people were sighing and rolling their eyes, I was a chipper and thankful lady.

And no need to comment, because I've realized that I need to get out more now. Yes, I am thankful for the deli line. Yes, apparently I have no life. I got it. Thank you.

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