Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whats in your bag, baby?

Here's the contents of my purse for all you voyeuristic folks out there. Forgive the small pic, it will probably get bigger if you click on it or something:

  • Green (recycled!!) makeup bag stuffed with junk I usually don't put on my face. I'm a foundation and mascara kinda girl, but I like playing with makeup (I'm a 5 year old at heart.)
  • A small bengal tiger and smaller black poodle. You never know when an opportunity might come up to threaten someone with a bengal tiger, fake or not. The poodle is just for companionship.
  • Childrens tylenol.
  • One splenda and 3 McDonalds coffee creamers. Leftover from last weekend, and I just cant bring myself to throw anything away.
  • My wallet. I know its kind of obscured by all the other junk, but I love this wallet. I don't even know how to describe it. It has a swirly kind of muted psychedelic pattern, and it looks like a blown up (not exploded) billfold with a clasp? It opens like a book and I can just throw all my crap in there and shut it. Perfect for the unorganized and lazy.
  • Blue ballpoint pin from the Hilton Garden Inn.
  • Tube of chapstick. Looks like a tampon, but I just peeled the plastic label off in a fit of boredom one day.
  • Glitter hair and body spray. This has been in my purse since I went to the Disco Prom a few weeks ago. I am constantly pleased when I look into my purse and see this canister of excitement in a bottle. I have a can of spray glitter at my whim! The possibilities are endless. Also doubles as mace.
  • 2 yellow wooden bangles and one orange and white stripey plastic one. Cheap summer accessories. Also 3 of the 5 bracelets I own that actually fit my tiny wrists (don't count the gold bunch of bangles seen in the disco prom picture because they're for a costume!)
  • 2 bullet shells from a .22. Actually, I didn't realize I had these in here until I emptied out my purse. Probably would be bad if I got pulled over and the cop asked to search my car/purse. These are from last weekend when I capped some bitches shot at a fed-ex box at JP's family's farm in Centerville.
  • Car keys. Go Prosser Mustangs!
  • Hairbrush.
  • Stamps and a part of Callie's pretend birthday cake.
  • Instant hand sanitizer. Wal-Greens makes it in a pump spray bottle now. Nifty, eh?
  • 5 Gum. Not as awesome as this commercial suggests, but still pretty good.
  • Wet N Wild Mega Sparkle "Confetti" eye glitter. Oh, Wet N Wild. The memories you brought flooding back when I stood in front of your section at Target a few weeks ago. There was the time with the barbie corvet pink lipstick I begged my mom to buy me in 5th grade. All the crappy nailpolish that chipped off the next day. And who can forget the teal eyeliner I wore all throughout highschool? Oh yes, those were good times. Thank you for always having what I need, when I need it (glitter was purchased for disco prom).
  • Banana Boat Daily Sunblock Lotion. I've been trying to apply sunblock everyday. I havent been too successful.
  • 4 quarters. Laundry, people. One plus that will come with moving into the 'burbs - apartments with washer dryer included.

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