Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mouse in the House

So this little guy looks cute, huh? Don't you just want to give him a little corm?
Stroke his little ears and nuzzle his furry little nose? Well, friends, don't be swayed by this critters cuddly and sweet appearance, because he is THE ENEMY. Better known as the Field Mouse, House Mouse, and That Little Fucker Who Shits On My Countertop, or TLFWSOMC for short.

We first noticed the mouse when we discovered the tiny hole gnawed into our bread bag. No problem, we thought, we'll just stick it on top of the fridge. Surprise surprise, mice can climb and it must have gotten a good chuckle over us ignorant humans when it discovered the bread on top of the refrigerator. So we started putting all bread type things in the fridge (cold sandwiches suck) and I went to the hardware store to get traps.

Before we go into the traps issue, you should know that I am pro-life. Not in the, "Picketing abortion clinics and canvassing the 25 mile radius around a Planned Parenthood" kind of pro-life, but pro-life like...dont kill stuff, pro-life. I am not fond of any bug at all, in fact I am stupidly scared of anything that flies or buzzes, and usually take off screaming in the other direction while JP tries to wrangle it up. When whatever insect thats been terrorizing our house has been captured, I demand that he take it outside and let it free back into its natural habitat so it can get back inside our home and start the whole terror campaign again.
I feel the same way about this mouse. I abhor the thought of those old fashioned spring loaded traps, harkening back to the days of the guillotine or other old timey death machines. So being the free loving, PETA supporting hippie that I am, I went to the hardware store to buy some of the glue traps.

What a joke. We put these traps out the day before we went on a 2 day trip to Dallas. Feeling very proud of my pro-life self, I expected to come home and find a little mouse looking up at me expectantly waiting to be set free, possibly with a little goodie bag and a souvenir shot glass to do jaeger bombs with his other mouse friends (I liken our mouse to a frat dude, I suppose). We came home, the traps were still there and the mouse was nowhere to be seen.

That was about a month ago. He's gotten braver, and we not only see him at night but during the day, when he carouses the kitchen looking for crumbs and discarded macaroni noodles. We've been co-existing with a mouse, trying to figure out ways to humanely kick the little disease carrier out of the house. "If only we could feed and potty train him" JP lamented one day when I told him I saw the mouse poke his head out from under the stove. Maybe we should invest in one of these?

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