Tuesday, August 26, 2008

At least I keep things interesting

Conversation between JP and I last night:

JP, sitting at the computer: "Hey honey, did you hear about all that pirating off the coast of Somalia?"

Me, on the couch, idly flipping through channels: "Um, no."

JP: "Isn't that crazy?"

Me: "I guess." Pause. "Wait, why do they have to go all the way to Africa?"

JP: Gives me a blank stare. "I don't know...cause it's remote?"

Me: "Oh. Huh." To myself, "So now pirating is so dangerous and illegal that people have to go live in fucking Somalia to bring us illegal downloads of Rhianna and Jonas Brother's music? Damn. Someone should really throw a benefit to help these people or something. "

Later on:

JP: Look at this - shows me more articles on pirating and how much it's been fucking shit up for the harbors and boats or something, I don't know.

Me: Wow, I never knew pirating was still in style these days, I mean - light bulb - OHHHHH earlier you meant pirating, like, "Aaaargh, matey, didn't you?"

JP, looking at me strangely: "Yeah...what did you think?"

Me: "Um, illegal downloads?"

Riotous laughter from Mr. Smart Ass

Me: You're so gonna laugh at me with your co-workers tomorrow, aren't you?

JP: "We'll see how busy I am."

I know, isn't he lucky?

And of course, for doodle week, today's theme is doodle earth. Check out my earth, ya'll!!!!!!

Interested in showing off your doodles? Go here!


Akelamalu said...

That's a great Earth!

Vodka Mom said...

okay, so when the fuck is someone gonna teach me how to doodle?

Athena said...

akelamalu - thank you!

Vodka mom - Girl! Get out a pad of paper and go nuts, take a pic and upload! Voila! Or open up MS Paint (under start/program/accessories) and have fun! Right click, save, and then get your behind on blogger and upload! You should totally join in....all the cool kids are doing it ;)

A. said...

Love your earth! Mine is swivelled around a bit - Eurocentric I suppose :)

Petra said...

You are too funny! Think Pirates of the Caribbean without the incredibly hot Keith Richards look-alike...

Erika said...

good earth! I like the clouds!!

Nona said...

What a great earth you've doodled.

zyriana.com said...

Oh my gosh I can't stopped giggling! Arrrrrrrrr Matey!

GREAT doodle!

Monique said...

LOL. Love that story.

And I love your earth. :)

Leigh Anne said...

That is TOTALLY something I would do!! Totally. That's classic Athena.

h31n0us said...

I do the same thing to my wife. You can't blame him for not wasting good material.

WillThink4Wine said...

Wonderful! Where's your water doodle? Just saying.

I started doodling the last time round and never quit! I discovered I love doodling!

Athena said...

LOL thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my earth! And yes, sometimes I am a bit of a ditz. :)

Claire said...

hahahahaha :)

Great story.

Are they clouds or killer icebergs on the doodle?

Athena said...

Claire - Ha ha, they're clouds. I spared everyone the global warming rant on this one :)

Chat Blanc said...

LOL! just remember, we're laughing WITH you, not at you! ;)