Friday, August 29, 2008

Enhancing sexy times since 1967

So have you guys seen this?

That's right, my friends. Cool whip in aerosol form. Ignore that pesky little voice inside your head protesting that cool whip contains oils, maybe motor oil?, possibly CFC's and leaves your mouth with a weird film on top - just silence it. This is a HUGE break through, people. Have you ever tried to enhance your sexy times by bringing a little food play into the bedroom? Got out the trusty can of Reddi-whip and went crazy with it? And then you noticed that, Ew. Stickiness where there is not supposed to be stickiness - the artificial kind, anyway. That's because Reddi-whip is made with real dairy, and once mixed with your drying saliva trails of love, will not only smell terrible, but will cause your ass to be glued to your satin sheets. And that is not sexy. Do yourself a favor and try cool whip instead of that lame KY his and hers lube. I promise spectacular results, with no guarantee of any kind.

(And no, that was not a paid post. Although, if I ever did paid posting, all my reviews would be that way and I would probably be the only person ever to be banned for reviewing products)

(Although, how awesome would it be if Cool Whip sent me a whole case of their new product for me to review? Imagine what you could do with TWELVE CANS of cool whip? Foam party? Whippits? Random cool whip attacks? There are so many possibilities...)

And today's doodle week theme is air:

Which is indicative of how I feel today.

Have a great weekend guys!


Vodka Mom said...

Isn't everything better when it can be sprayed?

Laura said...

The shape of that bottle is kind of suggestive. Maybe their new commercials will be about how it's a great alternative to KY. lol

Good doodle. I feel like I have a flock of butterflies in my head some days too.

Petra said...

Cooooool. Sign me up for the Cool Whip party that you are going to have!

Claire said...

I am definitely up for some random whip attacks! lol :)

I have never tried Cool Whip before, I will get some when I arrive in the states on Tuesday. Not the exact moment I arrive because that would freak my mate that I am staying with, ha!

I can definitely identify with the doodle.

h31n0us said...

A cool Whip party? That sounds great. Much better than a Cheese Whiz party.