Friday, August 22, 2008

MORE awards!!!!!!

I have a few very important things I need to take care of today. Namely...

I GOT 2 MORE AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant read the fine print? It says, "You're looking at a Kick Ass Blogger"! Hey, hey people, this is like a license to kick ass or something, so you just watch it. Not like I have any reason to kick anyone's ass cause you guys have been so lovely and wonderful, really, but step out of line and face the wrath!!!!! The wrath of a kick ass blogger!!!! WOO!!!

Hmm, these awards really make me into a bit of a tyrant, huh? My bad. I'll try to keep it in check, but I make no promises.

ANYWAY, I was given this award by Petra over at The Wise (Young) Mommy, who writes a hilarious and addicting blog about her life as the mother of 2 young kids. Her style is reminiscent of sitting down with a good friend, which I love. Go read her stuff or you'll get a visit from ceiling cat tonight at the least opportune time. And that would just be awkward. And with awards come nominations, so I'd like to pass the love on to:

1. Vodka Mom
Her hilarious comments on my posts make me laugh, and I've really enjoyed reading her blog over the past few days. An excerpt from her site, "I like to fuck up at least once a day. It keeps me humble." This is like my new motto, people. Go check her out.

2. Venus Angell over at For a Pessimist, I am Pretty Optimistic
This girl gets the Kick Ass Blogger Award not only for having a seriously funny blog with great pictures, but for her Bravery In The Act Of Posting. This post alone was creeptastic, and girlfriend went the extra mile by finding 14 different pictures. That's dedication.

I also got an award from Sassy Mama Bear over at Cafe At The End Of The Universe. She runs a cute, fun blog full of great pictures and inspirational posts. I hope things are going better for you, Sassy Mama Bear and you're feeling much, much better.

As you can see, she gave me the Addictive Blog Award:

I'm like heroin! Crack-cocaine!! Look at that little monkey, he's like, "Hell yeah, this is some good shit!" I am totally down with being an Addictive Blog, and I consider it a great honor. Just promise me you guys will never go to rehab, okay?! They cant do it like I can!!! And if I'm not enough to keep the shakes at bay, try taking a hit off of these guys:

The Hypocritical One over at That Tears it...!
I'm a newbie to his blog, and what an addictive blog it is! His entry about Right Laners made me re-think my position on the road, and I literally LOLed when I read his comparison to the random clips of the Chinese gymnasts being akin to seeing the Grady girls in "The Shining." Exactly. Go read it.

Chat Blanc over at Wit's Bitch
Her suggestions on how to avoid an awkard next morning interlude would have come in handy 6 years ago, but I can still appreciate a good getaway plan. And she's starting a cult, too! Haven't you always wanted to join a cult? This one has chips and salsa that never end!!!! Go read her blog and you'll soon figure out exactly what I mean by seriously addicting.

So THANK YOU so much again to Petra and Sassy Mama Bear! And thank you, too, to all the guys who read and comment on the craziness I decide to post. Have a great weekend, guys!


Vodka Mom said...

I'm so fucking happy right now I could CRY! But instead, I think i'll have a martini!

thanks, thanks, thanks!

Petra said...

Yee-ha! How did we get so superbly awesome? (excuse my lame vocabulary, I have had a couple glasses of wine). I got two awards today too, so please have a glass of something containing alcohol in celebration of us awesomely cool gals! (BTW, I wish I was your friend and could sit down and chat with you. When I become an absurdly famous blogger with millions of dollars, I will fly to your place for cocktail hour once a month, OK?)

Did I make this comment about me? I meant for it to be about you...CONGRATS!

Chat Blanc said...

Woohoo!!! Congrats on your awards!! And, I always suspected I was an addictive substance. Perhaps because I've ingested a few too many?? Hypothetically of course. ;)

I'm thrilled! YOU ROCK! :D

Venus Angell said...

Congrats to you! And THANK YOU!!!

That post was really something though...I encountered so many horribly gross things before I decided on the ones I picked ;) said...

Congratulations! Your blog is completely fun! Gives me a great case of the "blow your cola out yer nose" syndrome each time! :)

You deserve it!


The Hypocritical One said...

You rule....thanks for the award. In return I'll give you any money that someone gives me if I were to sell my site. So, the 37 cents is yours.

Oh yeah..and you're funnier than I am, so I'll be back.

Athena said...

Vodka mom - Have one for me too!

Petra - I think we were born superbly awesome (and I am surprised and impressed that after a few glasses of wine, you can still spell superbly!)!!! You are so sweet, girl, and how awesome would it be if we 1)because absurdly famous from blogging 2)millionaires 3)able to fly across the country to meet for cocktails?!! Sounds good to me!!!

And excuse my late reply - I have celebrating my daughter's 4th birthday this weekend!

Chat blanc - Ingesting addictive substances probably hasn't hurt (your chances, that is! ;) )

Venus angell - You're welcome and congrats back! I cant believe you came across things creepier than that! Ick!

Zyriana - Haha! Girl, your comments always put a big smile on my face. Thank you!

The hypocritical one - Haha, I don't know about that...and I'll give you .40 cents if you never, ever sell your site! .2 cent profit!!

JD at I Do Things said...

Congratulations on two very well-deserved awards! And kudos to you for highlighting your shared awardees so awesomely. I know all of those blogs, and they are all deserving as well.


JD at I Do Things

ettarose said...

Well, dear why not add another one. I have one for you at my blog. Whoo hoo