Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not giving back the jeans, so screw you karma

Behold, my ugliest pair of shoes:

For the contest over at Barking Mad

And technically, these aren't even MY shoes!

My best friend and I have a very strange relationship when it comes to sharing clothing and shoes. We are lucky enough to wear mostly the same size (she has a little more "junk in the trunk" and I have...umm....I have "brighter headlights" I guess? Why are there no car analogies for bodacious tatas?) in said items, and when we lived closer together, our closets were practically interchangeable. The only problem with this situation: the borrowee hijacks the borrowed item and claims it as her own. My bff will go on and on and indignantly claim that she does not do this, but I accompanied her to class a few weeks back and what did I see on her feet? My white flip flops I thought went missing about 6 months ago. Huh! Imagine that.

However, this is not the case with these shoes. About 3 years ago, we were shopping together at Khols and she showed me the above pair of shoes that she "really loved". I thought she was insane and told her they were hideous, but she ignored my disgust and lamented that she did not have the money. It being very close to her birthday, I had the brilliant idea to come back and get these shoes for her at a later date. You might argue that a good friend would never let their good friend commit a fashion crime, but if I had that mindset, I would have donated more than half of her clothes to Goodwill a long time ago.

(KIDDING...just seeing if you're paying attention, lala)

Of course when I went back to purchase the ugly beasts, they were sold out. So after searching all over the city for these shoes, I proudly presented them to her on her birthday. She seemed happy at the time, but a few months later when I needed to quickly borrow some black boots for something or other, she thrust these at me and never looked back. Since I hate them, I've tried to return them to her a few times, but she's not having it, and further inquiry has provided me with the opinion I knew she had all along: she doesn't like them any more. So I ended up buying myself a pair of ugly shoes in the end of it all, really. Maybe this is karma's way of telling me to give her back her jeans she doesn't know I've had for 2 years?


Heinous said...

I have a pair like that. Then of course, I'm a guy. That's not to say that you wouldn't look great in them. I'm sure you do. Overall though I'd stick with the jeans if I were you.

Kirsten said...

I'm with Heinous, keep the jeans!
Actually take another pair too!

Petra said...

Isn't it funny how we can love something so much and then look back at it and realize it was grossity-gross?? I look at some of the things I have bought and think, "that couldn't have been ME that bought those!"

Chat Blanc said...

Karma is cruel!! I think Karma needs a good bitch slap for saddling you with those shoes! :P

Athena said...

Heinous - Haha love your backpedaling comment ;)

Kirsten - Seriously! Good idea! I'll have to sneak into her house sometime soon.

Petra - No kidding. I have a pair of bedazzled jeans from before I had a kid and I cant BELIEVE I ever wore them. Yikes.

Chat blanc - No kidding! Karma is an evil bitch.

Angi said...

Hi there - got here from JD's I Do Things blog...these shoes made me laugh out loud. I was a waitress for a good 8 years a while back and these are the exact shoes I had to wear - black, non-slip soles, plain. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. ;-)