Monday, November 3, 2008

The best part of the year

You know those people who do the whole, "Birthday Month" thing? Stretch their birthday out through the entire month they were born, demanding special attention and living hedonistically, eschewing common sense and practicality?

So obviously you can see where this is going - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!

I am not one of those people who get depressed on their birthdays. I LOVE celebrating my birthday, and while I am not exactly thrilled with aging, I like to enjoy knowing that I lived another year without getting arrested, breaking my arm, rolling my vehicle, losing another friend, or getting run over by a car - all of which has happened to me before. Damn right I should celebrate!

I'll turn 26 on the 8th. I'm having some issues deciding what to do, though. How lame is it to make all my friends show up in pink? Should we do a pub crawl? Rent a pink limo? Karaoke Spice Girls song's all night? Video scavenger hunt? Help me out, interwebz!

A nice perk to kicking off birthday month is partying the night before on Halloween:

Meet Abe Lincoln and his European mistress - stickers have been added to protect the innocent and mortified. Even though we're pretty sure Abe never made it Europe, who cares! As I predicted, Halloween was filled with sluts and d-bags, but oddly enough the most ubiquitous costume for females was a flapper. Really? Huh. Most of the men just glued devil horns to their forheads - LAME!! Unfortunately I have no pic's of said slutty women because I was too busy drinking cape cods and shaking my ass on the dance floor. Please accept my apologies and visit all 4 parts of this NSFW website, instead. You're welcome.


Condo Blues said...

For your birthday you should celebrate with me, because my birthday's the 9th.

Heinous said...

I'll wish you a pre-Happy Birthday now.

The Hawg! said...

Well, happy birthday month!

Frankly, I hate birthdays. The next one is going to suck because I'll turn 40-years-old.

Just waiting for the wife to give me hell...

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Woo-hoo--you're hott (with two t's)!

Happy early birthday baby cakes!

Chat Blanc said...

lookin' good as a European mistress! :)

Happy Birthday Month! Celebrate all you want, you've been working your butt off!

Athena said...

condo blues - SCORPIOS UNITE! Happy early b-day!

Heinous - aw, thanks!

Hawg - thank you! 40's not so bad...everything is better with age! :)

Petra - YEAH! Thanks, hunny :D

Chat blanc - Thank you!!!! I need to find a way to go all out this year!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday! I love celebrating my birthday too even though I am slightly older than you. My birthday is also on November 8th!! Have a great day, I know I am planning to.

Zip n Tizzy said...