Friday, September 5, 2008

And I'm only 25.

You know when you see something and you're like, wtf is this? but you're too cool to ask, then you start seeing it everywhere and then you really want to know, but it's been too long and you realized you should've found out a lot sooner, so you google it and google doesn't have the answer? You know you're fucked when google cant help you.

And I know you guys are smarter than google, right?

So, at the risk of looking like a n00b (isn't that what all the kids say?) I'm calling upon the infinite wisdom and knowledge of my 12 many readers to help me with a few answers. Yes, that would be you.

1. Why do people put a # sign in front of the events they're at when tweeting about them? I first saw this a lot when people were tweeting from blogher. I just don't know. Does this mean that you're at blogger but you cant use the @ sign because it will reply or something? If so, why don't people just post #coffeeshop or #nana's house?

2. Should I be on a social networking site for job searching? For the past few months I've been looking for a job, I kept getting re-directed to LinkedIn. What the hell? What happened to just sending resumes online? And when I do that, I keep getting replies from spam (thanks, craigslist). Is there a secret location I dont know about? Also, if you are on LinkedIn, throw a sister a bone cause I am embarrassingly without contacts.

3. How do you embed an image on a forward bulletin on myspace? I know, this one is a little weird and techy, but I keep getting these bulletins about animal shelters and requests to pass them on. I copy the whole thing, then paste in a new bulletin, but the images never show up. And since the pictures of sad puppies and kitties is really necessary to guilt you into rescuing an animal, I never forward them and I'm pretty sure I'm about to get a hit put out on me by a couple animal shelters.

So there you go, dear readers. Please help me in my quest to be...what is the opposite of a n00b? Oh, well, google answered that one for me and I guess its just as bad. What the fuck is wrong with the kids these days? Wheres the fucking love? If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all! Now go to your room!!!! Damn kids.


Chat Blanc said...

I must be pathetic cuz the only thing I can help you with is LinkedIn. I'm on there too. I tried to find your profile but failed cuz I don't know your last name. If you'd like you can send me a note at chatblanc1 at and we'll get hooked up!

Deb on the Rocks said...

Maybe all of us will be pathetic, but in only 2 out of 3, and you'll get your answers.

The hashtags # are for twitter searching ease. Some events tell you what the tag is, other tags emerge (ie #suckit), some are just logical (#rnc). If you want someone who doesn't follow you to see how you were thinking about a certain thing when they search for it, hash it out.

I'm not on Linked In, nor My Space.

We're all n00bs. There is just too much stuff, and new stuff all the time. You're still hot, though, and that's what matters.

Vodka Mom said...

okay, I fee like an ignorant slut. (And don't even SAY you never watch SNL) I can only say that I AM on LinkedIn, and you can definitely request me. I am sure i'm in it by accident, and cannot for the LIFE of me explain what it is. (my real name is debbie patrick, which you might need. just don't tell anyone. :-) )

ha. that's all I got for ya, babe.

BacktoBarnwell said...

LinkedIn: these girls seem to know about it...It's like an online database of resumes. I have been to parties where people have actually asked me for my linkedIn info, and I tell them, embarrassingly, that I don't have that yet.

Hashtags #: @debontherocks: I still don't know what the hell you are talking about. I'm new to twitter too.

Myspace: My advice to you, is get Facebook. SOOO much better and easier. And more college grads on it than Myspace. Myspace started out with everyone able to get it. Facebook started with only college students or those with a college email...The people on facebook are so much more legit and so not nearly as much SPAM. It is now open to everyone.

ettarose said...

Well honey, You and I are in the same boat, cept i'm drowning and you are still bailing water. I know nothing about any of these but you can bet I will be watching and learning from you so I don't have to ask noob questions. Ha ha

Monique said...

I must be just as out of the loop as you are.

I have never heard of LinkedIn, and when looking for a job I just went to the local employment office or

Myspace annoys me way too much to even attempt to learn anything about it. I really do not understand the obsession behind people using it.

And Deb told you what the #'s were for on Twitter :)

Sorry I could not be any help whatsoever, lol.

Heinous said...

1 has been covered and myspace is evil. The only thing I've gotten from linked in is reconnecting with friends from college. I guess there's a valid purpose to it somewhere though.

Oh, and once you're not a n00b, you're basically just not a n00b anymore. That is until you become 1337 of course.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I wanted to respond, but everyone else already explained everything. But if you ever have any other net-esque type questions, feel free to email me.

Designing Hilary said...

Re: LinkedIn ... be sure you have checked the box about willing to accept job offers. I don't remember exactly what it says, but you'll know when you see it. Be sure your profile reads like a resume. You may just get an offer. Do not treat it like MySpace, keep it professional and you may be pleasantly surprised.

I have a good friend who used to be a headhunter and she was all over LinkedIn.

I'd be glad to connect. My last name is Johnson. If you find me to connect, be sure to mention you're the Hot Child! ;D

Athena said...

You guys are all intelligent, amazing and uber flattering!! Thank you!
Things I have learned:

1. #'s are called hashtags. Use them, and people can find all the inane or informative (mostly inane) shit I tweet about.

2. More people use LinkedIn than I thought. Thank you ALL who have offered to connect with me!

3. Myspace is the devil and I am apparently the only one still using it.

You guys kick ass! Thanks for being my google stand by;)

Petra said...

Man, I'm too late to add to that discussion (but it's a good thing because I had NO idea about any of them!). I am a noob too, I suppose, but maybe it's not all that bad. Cause if you're a noob and I'm a noob, then I think it's pretty effin' cool to be a noob so we should start a club and get everyone saying "man, you rock, you're such a noob!"

What do you think?