Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Halloween: it aint your mama's holiday no mo'. I'm actually not sure it ever was but I think you know what I mean.

So I've been putting in a lot of thought about my Halloween costume this year. I'm secretly a big fan of dressing up in costume, but I haven't done it in years except that one time my gay friend told me I'd look hot as a dude and made me dress in drag and then we went to Waffle House. It wasn't halloween or anything, but it still counts I think.

And ya'll. There are some crazy hilarious costumes out there. Did you want to be a like, a more girly, sexy gangster version of Robin Hood? Party City has got you covered. Or maybe you were like, "DAMN. I really want to be like, a sexy eskimo, but where oh where will I find a costume?"? Look no further, girl. This one, which claims to be Tinkerbell (maybe on acid?), will scare the shit out of you. Just click on it and see what I mean. Fuh-reaky.

Anyway, its just such a dilemma as a woman to dress in costume, don't you think? You have two choices: brazen slut or witch. And I've already done the witch thing. Remember that scene in Mean Girls where Lindsey Lohan goes to the party filled with scantily clad girls dressed as "kittens" and "angels" but she's dressed really scary and bloody? That was basically me a few halloweens ago. I pretty much spent the entire time in the kitchen doing shots and making little people out of vienna sausages and toothpicks. There was a minor incident when a few of the guests looked at my costume, and then at my vienna sausage army with toothpicks shoved through their bodies, and thought I was making voodoo dolls but it was all cleared up before the night was over. Sheesh. I mean, I thought it was common knowledge that you cant even make voodoo dolls unless its a full moon during a rising tide! People are so damn uptight.

Sigh. I just dont know anymore. What are you guys gonna be? Any tried and true costumes? I obviously need some help...otherwise, I'll just end up wrapping a sheet around myself and being a toga person. Which, probably wouldnt be that bad I guess...at least I could carry beer around as a prop! I'm pretty sure that would go over real well with all the families when we go trick-or-treating, huh?


JD at I Do Things said...

I highly recommend you go as the Bride of Frankenstein. This was my best costume ever, and it was pretty easy.

I feel kind of sorry for those models of the Halloween costumes. The tinkerbell girl looks positively baked.

JD at I Do Things

Zip n Tizzy said...

Don't they know over at party center that it should be "Inuit Kiss?" Sheesh.

I've gone as the ugly witch... My husband begged me to never again. I guess I scared him.

This year I'm just trying to get my kids to tell me what they want to be. Zip wants to be a giraffe. Lucky me!

Athena said...

JD - seriously. Imagine, "Modeling halloween costumes for Party City" on your resume. And I thought mine was sad.

Zip 'n' Tizzy - HAHA!! Much sexier, definitely. And dont feel bad, mine wants to go as a duck...wonder which one of us is going to have a harder time? ;)

Grumpus said...

I want to go whole hog this Halloween too. In the past my more successful costumes have been Bride of Frankenstein (like the first poster) and Medusa. Medusa was the most fun. Just buy dollar store snakes and clip em on, frizz your hair up like you crazy and get those white contact lenses!

Or you can be a classic monster, eg zombie, vampire, or Freddie Krueger. Just pair it with heels and a bustier to make it sexy zombie/sexy vampire/sexy Freddie. Indeed!!

Monique said...

I got married on Halloween which gives me the perfect excuse to skip any need to get all dressed up in a costume because I will be having a sophisticated romantic meal somewhere with my husband... at least that's what my employers think.

Chat Blanc said...

A sexy Eskimo?? WTH! The freakiest costume I've seen was a guy dressed up as the Grim Reaper, which isn't terribly original, but he was on stilts under his garb so he was super tall and looked crazy possessed! yeeks!

ettarose said...

I am so glad you wrote about halloween. I have some GREAT costume ideas that I will definitely be posting about. I can't wait!

Heinous said...

I don't know, I'm kinda digging the tink costume but that's just the boy in me.

I usually end up doing some coordinating thing with my son though. It's all boredom here. I'll have to live vicariously through you.

Athena said...

Grumpus - I really like the Medusa idea...little to no effort, cause I dont have to fix my hair! ;)

Monique - HA! Thats brilliant, girl.

Chat Blanc - Sometimes the scariest costumes are the ones that are just plain weird!

Ettarose - I cant wait to read that post!

Henious - no pressure or anything!!! ;)

Vodka Mom said...

in k-land, we ALWAYS dress up. Two years ago I found the COOLEST Patrick costume (Spongebob and Patrick) and since Patrick is my last name, it is the COOLEST.

so that's me....Patrick

Athena said...

vodka mom - haha! I bet the kids love that! And does your husband go as spongebob??? ;)

Me said...

Well I'm not going to get anything done at work now. I'm too busy looking at costumes. Thanks for filling my day.